• Pupose of Blog

    Knowing Every Detail

    There is such importance in knowing the full story. Knowing one detail is not enough. The enemy of our souls fights very hard every single day to keep us from knowing the full story. The enemy wants us to know destruction, defeat, and death. He wants to keep our eyes, ears, hearts and souls from knowing who we are and what we were created for. He is number one goal is to keep us from knowing God, our Creator.  The one who fashioned us out of love. He loves us so much and wants us to live fully. To live fully in the abundant life we were created for, we…

  • Life in SoCal

    Spring Break

    It’s spring here in SoCal.  And boy do I enjoy soaking in every ounce of that glorious globe!  There is something about the warmth, the glow, and the heat that just lifts me. And not only is it spring…it’s officially Spring Break here.  Which means I get more time with my amazing T-Squad.  These two teen boys do more for my momma heart than they will ever understand.  Being their momma is a blessing, honor and such a joy.  Now don’t get me wrong there are also words, hormones and looks exchanged that keep me knowing life is REAL! But their humor, their hugs, oh and their thanks you after…

  • Learning Who You Are

    Living Loved-without end

    I really think we could talk about what it looks like to live loved from now until eternity. Don’t you? Living fully into what we were created to be is God’s original design for us and yet many of us, myself included can’t truly grasp all that entails. If we are honest we are usually so overwhelmed with His amazing grace and love for us that we can’t even fully embrace that. So to live loved has some of us, myself included in a constant learning, growing and maturing state of mind. But there is such beauty in that. Knowing that God has more for us to learn, more for…

  • Learning Who You Are

    Living Loved-Part 4

    As a day that is recognized for pulling pranks and jokes on each other what we are talking about on the blog today is NO JOKE! Living loved means you are secure in the love of your Creator.  The One who fashioned you on purpose for a purpose.  To be in an intimate love and grace filled relationship with Him. Living loved means you are you.  You are comfortable with you. You love you. You are secure in who you are. There is no need to compare yourself to anyone else. Because again you are you. The world needs you. You’re unique and handcrafted to be that way. Comparison is…

  • Learning Who You Are

    Living Loved-The Foundation

    God could not love you anymore than He does right now in this very moment. I was standing in an auditorium with my eyes closed when I heard those words yesterday. Those words were just what my heart needed. There is power, freedom, grace, joy, and peace in those words. Hear this; I could not love you anymore than I do right now. And know your Creator is speaking to you. This is the foundation. Love. Get rooted, firmly planted, and grounded in His love for you today. To live loved you have to start here. There is nothing you did, can do or will do to inflate or deflate…

  • Learning Who You Are

    Living Loved- Part 3

    Thank you to everyone who participated and supported the Online Bible Study Expo last week.  I truly enjoyed meeting all sorts of new people. We will continue this week with what it looks like to live loved. Living Loved Part 1 discussed forgiveness. Living Loved Part 2 discussed being difficult to offend. Today we are going to talk about how living loved means living in freedom. When we are living loved we are living fully in the grace, love, peace, and joy God has for us. When we are living loved we are living the abundant life that Jesus came to give us. The thief comes only to steal and…

  • Pupose of Blog

    Online Bible Study Expo

    This Thursday March 14th is the Online Bible Study Expo. You are NOT going to want to miss it. There are 10 Authors (yours truly and 9 of my new friends) sharing their newest books. There are interviews with the Authors, Book Giveaways, Facebook and Twitter parties. The Expo is from 1-4pm EST which for us west coast folks is 10am-1pm. Today on the blog I am going to be introducing you to all my new friends and our amazing hostess Marnie. Be sure to join in all the fun on Thursday March 14th. Come early to register for FREE books! Online Bible Study Expo

  • Learning Who You Are

    Living Loved- Part 2

    Would you consider yourself difficult to offend? I think I try to be difficult to offend.  But there are times when my spirit isn’t as strong and I allow something someone says or does to rock me a little too much. To look around our world today I think people are easily offended. Which makes for a society that seems ready to explode at any moment. What would the world look like if we didn’t take everything that was said or done straight to our hearts and let it disrupt us? Would there be more peace? Would conversations flow more productively? I believe if we know we are loved and…

  • Learning Who You Are

    Living Loved-Part 1

    Hello, welcome to the blog.  I am so glad you stopped by.  It is my deepest desire to spread love and joy, here in this place. My hope is that when you are here visiting that you are feeling uplifted, motivated, encouraged, but most importantly loved. Knowing you are loved is a foundation from which to build your life on.  My love for you comes from the Source of the best love ever. Finding the One True Source of love was a game changer for me. Once I realized that my purpose was to be loved by my Creator, my whole soul was freed. Freed to just be. Be loved.…

  • Do You Know I Love You?

    Because You Love Me

    I have a mantra that I have repeated so many times for myself: Know you are loved and live like it. I believe with every ounce of my being that knowing I am loved by my Creator is the foundation on which everything else has to be built. I am not able to live like I am loved if I don’t know I am loved. Here is a small excerpt from the chapter Because You Love Me in my book Do You Know I Love You? Excerpt:I struggle with keeping some of God’s love for myself… like that would selfish or something. Hence being okay with writing the book if…

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