• Life in SoCal


    Yesterday at 5:02pm I heard The Engineers car pull up into the driveway. Announcing his arrival home from his day doing his engineering stuff. I opened the front door walked out to greet him, as I come around the corner of the house, I see him standing there. He is holding his arms up in the motion of a big X. And is quickly shaking his head no. I look down at the ground and there it is. The world’s worst most horrific thing. The thing that should have NEVER EVER been created. A snake. At this point I run back in the house. Slam the door shut. Which alerts…

  • Learning Who You Are

    You are VERY GOOD

    Sometimes we are so into our current life. You know the part where we are smack dab in the middle of it and we don’t remember our beginnings and we can’t see the end. Maybe pausing to remind ourselves where we come from might help us embrace where we are and get us to where we are going. The first book of the Bible is titled Genesis; which means the beginning. In the beginning God created… The Creator spoke the heavens and the earth into being. God spoke separation between light and darkness. The sky, land, seas, vegetation, sun, moon, stars, birds and creatures of the seas were also commanded…

  • On Purpose Everyday


    Hello Friends, Welcome!  I am so glad you stopped into this little neck of the woods on the big world wide web. Team Hamblin just got through a long and lovely Labor Day Weekend.  Food, friends and fun was had by all.  No school or work on Monday was bliss as it added an extra day for more food, friends and fun! Last week I listened to a podcast by Rob Bell, titled Menuha. Rob informs his listeners that the Menuha is the Hebrew word for rest. I was really fascinated how Rob goes through the creation story to emphasize the important balance between work and/or creating with that of…

  • On Purpose Everyday

    Back to School

    Wowzers a lot has been happening over this past week for to getting us ready for school and wrapping up summer. School registrations that include standing in line for 1 hour and 15 minutes to get a picture for the ASB card, an hour in the local mobile phone store (sorry but that is not really where this girl likes to give her time), orthodontic appointments, end of summer bbq’s, big huge shopping trip to make sure all the school supplies are bought, and the pantry and food is stocked for the boys who consume it like crazy, the rodeo, painting the sunroom. I am one tired girl. But I…

  • On Purpose Everyday


    In the crowded hall she reached for me. She pulled me in close. She hugged me. In that hug there was a transfer of years of wisdom, faithfulness, pure love, and grace. The words that left her lips that were only meant for my ears in the moment, have stuck with me; “You will be humbled.” Me and that word have never really got along. For me, humbled, means a giving up of my will. My feet have been back on US soil now for fifty days. My mind and heart are not fully here. There is a daily struggle to find the joy, the happy, the peace, the want…

  • On Purpose Everyday

    He Sees Us

    Have you ever found yourself in place you never imagined you would be? Or maybe you are somewhere you don’t want to be. I think realizing you are there is one thing. Another is accepting this is where you are. And to go further is to embrace it.I just wanna say don’t ever feel like you need to rush through these phases. There are emotions and all sorts that goes with this. Take your time. Be in the moment. Listen and learn. Over the years I have found myself in many different places I never would have taken myself. But I am learning that there is usually something amazing that…

  • On Purpose Everyday

    Issues in sunny SoCal

        We have made it down to SoCal. It was quite the trek. The Engineer drove the U-Haul and I drove our new to us Toyota Highlander. We left a day early from Southern Oregon due to fires at the Oregon and California border. We got through the interstate while it was open. We broke the trip up over two days. And were blessed to sit in a hotel hot tub and get a goodnights rest. I think that all the changes over the past five weeks are starting to hit the Team. We have moved across the world, left our friends on the island, went from winter to…

  • Do You Know I Love You?

    Book Giveaway

    Hello Friends and Family! My first blog post from the west coast of the US right here on American soil. Team Hamblin survived the 13 hour flight. Some of us entered the country a little lighter as some of us were not able to keep anything down in our bellies. But it’s all good! Team Hamblin has a lot to do over the next few weeks to get ourselves resituated here. But we are making daily progress. So my American people have been patiently waiting to celebrate the book and boy do we have some super-duper fun ideas to do just that. First one is: A book giveaway for you…

  • New Zealand

    Where in the World is Team Hamblin?

    Have you ever felt like your life is a whirlwind of craziness and that taking a breath is something you have to consciously remind yourself to do? It came to be that our time here in New Zealand had to come to an end for now. We were not ready and were expecting to stay for longer. But again we were reminded we are not in control of how our story reads. It was with reluctance that we packed up, sold stuff and booked tickets back to the US. Our hearts and emotions are all over the place. We look forward to hugging our US family and friends but I…

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