New Zealand

2018 Winter Olympics

I’m watching the 2018 Winter Olympics in the middle of summer here on the island. Anyone else watching the Olympics? I LOVE to watch these talented athletes show off their years of hard work on the biggest stage there is. I cheer them on as if they were my own sons and daughters. I was able to sit down and be entertained by the snowboarders yesterday and see Red Gerard, the 17 year old American, earn a Gold medal for the U.S.A.

I will be cheering on the Americans because they are my homies, the Canadians because they are my neighbors I grew up with, and the Kiwi’s too because they are all my new friends!

I tried to watch a few minutes of ice skating, but here in Team Hamblin’s homestead that’s a little harder as I am outnumbered 3 to 1, and for some reason the boys don’t fancy the beautiful gracefulness of dancing and gliding on ice.

The T-Squad was a bit bummed that the Luge didn’t come on until after their bed time. Hey as much as I love the Olympics I am not willing to mess with the bedtime on a school night. I’m the one that has to get them out of bed, fed and off to school in the morning…and I don’t ever get a medal for it either!

Hey leave me a comment to let me know if you are watching the Olympics, and what your favorite competition is.

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