• On Purpose Everyday

    High schooler in the house

    Dear T, I had you in the front pack. I worked my way through the aisles of the store and hurried to the checkout line. You were starting to fuss. You were most likely starving, it had been a good 42 minutes since I had fed you last. I was loading the groceries up on the conveyer belt as fast as I could as I bounced and swayed you. The sweet old lady standing behind me ready to load her pint of milk, bread, butter and a bananas. She says, ‘it will go by so fast.’ No offense but maybe she couldn’t see me. Maybe the old age had clouded…

  • New Zealand

    Anniversary Weekend

    Today the northern half of the North Island celebrates a public holiday, Auckland Anniversary Day.  The day in which a British fellow arrived from London to establish a British colony in New Zealand.   It just so happens that this same day marks the first day Team Hamblin arrived on the island! We have officially been on the island for 365 days. We didn’t come to establish a colony, but rather to learn about the New Zealanders and truly explore this beautiful place. This past weekend  us and family friends reserved a bach (a vacation home) on Lake Rotoiti.  There was mountain biking on the trails in the Redwoods, boating,…

  • Pupose of Blog

    I’m Back

    At the recommendations, prodding and confirmations, I’m back. Back to blog! Wonder if it will be ‘just like riding a bike’.  Get on and it will all just happen. I am going to be completely vulnerable with you… I’m scared. Scared to start again. Scared to start from scratch. Where have I been?  What have I been up to? I have definitely not been idle.  I have been listening, hearing, heading the direction, healing, writing a book, oh and moving clear across the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand.  Which I totally love by the way! So here I am back to blog! What’s the purpose of this blog? To give…

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