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    You Get to Choose

    Guess what I found in my inbox today? A sample of the typeset and format of “Do You Know I Love You?” It is really starting to look like a book. Think ultrasound picture of the baby before it’s almost ready to be born!!! We are so close family and friends. I am so grateful to you all for going on this journey with me. I can’t wait to hold the real book. But I am MOST looking forward to sharing it with you! Okay I have a fun little question and decision for you all today… What sneak peek would you like next?            …

  • On Purpose Everyday

    Inside the book reveal #1

    I am beyond excited to get to share some of what’s on the inside of, “Do You Know I Love You?” There are four sections to the book; Sit, Stand, Walk and Run. These are milestones for a baby. First they learn to sit. Then they get comfortable with the stand. Before long they try out the walk. Then when that becomes easier they try a run. But maybe these four milestones apply to something more than just our physical development as humans. The four sections correlate to the different seasons of the journey that the book takes. There is importance in the order. Stay tuned for more inside the…

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    Bicycle, bruise and book!

    Sunday didn’t go the way I planned. A bicycle accident. An off duty EMT. A ride in the ambulance. A visit to the hospital. The notes on my hospital discharge papers “41 year old female handle bar to the groin”. I can’t even make this stuff up. It’s real life! Bad News is I have a horrible bruise. Good News is that now I am at home resting and healing for two weeks, I can read through the manuscript the amazing editor sent back to me. I am making all the changes and fixes! Friends I am so excited to be getting closer to sharing this whole book with you!…

  • Happy Friday

    Row Together

    Okay so one of these days I will nail all the attributes of a ‘good’ video for the blog.  But hey what can I say I am a true genuine living work in progress! So here is the Happy Friday video…

  • On Purpose Everyday

    Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

    You have heard it before, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover.’ But who hasn’t? Really. If I am looking for a new book in the store or library I often get a feel for the book by the cover. I was incredibly sickish and nervous trying to decide on the cover for the book. Knowing that I am not the only one who judges a book by its cover. Trying to decide how my first book would be dressed and present itself was a big deal. I wanted to impress. I wanted to people please. I wanted you to be attracted to the book. I wanted you to see…

  • Happy Friday

    Book Cover Reveal

      Just stopping in to invite you to the book cover reveal.  It will be taking place at in about 30 minutes live at: https://www.facebook.com/nicholehamblinofficial/ Can’t wait to share it with you! On Purpose, Nichole

  • On Purpose Everyday

    The Comeback

    I am here to let you all in on a secret that I have been keeping. After my visit with my physiotherapist yesterday I feel like I am in a safe spot to share this. I have been back to running. I am not fast. I am not doing incredibly long distances. However, I have converted from miles over to kilometers on my Run Keeper App…when in New Zealand speak the lingo! But I have been for a few runs. It has been over 2 years since I have ran. But my back has healed and it staying stable. I have worked hard over the past two years to keep…

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