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    Some Things Just Ain’t Fair

    Some things just ain’t fair. Like when our friends and family in the US are almost done with school and we are in the middle of the term. Oh and stop already with the beach pictures, the pool parties, and the shorts, and bbq’s. We can’t see it over here. It’s cold. And we are headed into winter. And another thing that just ain’t fair…I invite The Engineer to do yoga class with me this morning and he pretty much does all the moves. Nails every pose. Even gets the instructors approval. Seriously disgusted I am. So as I am whining about things not fair…I am going to share this…

  • On Purpose Everyday

    Love On Them

    Just trying to figure life out. While living it, yep that’s a hard one. Right? Like being the momma, who is menopausal, to two teen boys who are being doused with testosterone. Is this my life? I have come to learn a few things about myself this week. One is that I am ‘that person’ who is very curious about things. I am always asking questions. Wondering. Trying to sort some stuff out. And this can put me ‘out’ with others. This can cause others to question my foundation. This can rub up against the comfortable of others. Now hear my heart on this, I am not, NOT, intent on…

  • On Purpose Everyday


    It started Monday night. As I was climbing into my cozy bed, a painful throat. In that moment I knew it. The Engineer had shared his cold with me. Darn it! I woke up Tuesday feeling achy, stuffed up and miserable. It is currently Thursday afternoon and my left ear is plugged and I can’t do life. I’m coughing up my lungs which makes my body even that much sorer. I am blowing my nose every 3 seconds because for some reason the human body is really good at making snot. I am consuming more tea than is even harvested in a year. I don’t like to be sick. All…

  • On Purpose Everyday


    Yesterday in church all I could think of was my ‘need’ for God. A desperate dependence. At one time I would have been ashamed of this weakness. For I fully equated need with weakness. Being in need meant I wasn’t doing something right. We reside in a world that shouts independence. And yet our very DNA was created for dependence. We are wired to be needy. Needy for love, a love that will embrace us, fulfill us, sustain and empower us. These past few weeks I have begged my God to fill me with His strength, as I have an incredible need. A need to kick an addiction. A need…

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