• Do You Know I Love You?

    Book Giveaway

    Hello Friends and Family! My first blog post from the west coast of the US right here on American soil. Team Hamblin survived the 13 hour flight. Some of us entered the country a little lighter as some of us were not able to keep anything down in our bellies. But it’s all good! Team Hamblin has a lot to do over the next few weeks to get ourselves resituated here. But we are making daily progress. So my American people have been patiently waiting to celebrate the book and boy do we have some super-duper fun ideas to do just that. First one is: A book giveaway for you…

  • New Zealand

    Where in the World is Team Hamblin?

    Have you ever felt like your life is a whirlwind of craziness and that taking a breath is something you have to consciously remind yourself to do? It came to be that our time here in New Zealand had to come to an end for now. We were not ready and were expecting to stay for longer. But again we were reminded we are not in control of how our story reads. It was with reluctance that we packed up, sold stuff and booked tickets back to the US. Our hearts and emotions are all over the place. We look forward to hugging our US family and friends but I…

  • Do You Know I Love You?

    Book Launch in New Zealand

    This is for my amazing friends and family here in New Zealand.  But don’t you fret my Americans…there will be some fun coming your way.  You just have to be patient. If you can stop by on Thursday night I would love to hug you and tell you how much you mean to me. On Purpose, Nichole

  • Do You Know I Love You?

    Book Update

    It’s pretty clear that the enemy of my soul does NOT want this book coming into the world without a hard and nasty fight. I am asking those of you who know there is power in prayer…to help me fight back. I believe, “Do You Know I Love You?” holds a message straight from the Creators heart that is intended for the hearts of His precious children to hear. There have been a few small hiccups, there have been some medium size issues, and there are a couple large and overwhelming things to work through that are effecting the release of the book. But I am strong in The Strength…

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