• On Purpose Everyday

    Back to School

    Wowzers a lot has been happening over this past week for to getting us ready for school and wrapping up summer. School registrations that include standing in line for 1 hour and 15 minutes to get a picture for the ASB card, an hour in the local mobile phone store (sorry but that is not really where this girl likes to give her time), orthodontic appointments, end of summer bbq’s, big huge shopping trip to make sure all the school supplies are bought, and the pantry and food is stocked for the boys who consume it like crazy, the rodeo, painting the sunroom. I am one tired girl. But I…

  • On Purpose Everyday


    In the crowded hall she reached for me. She pulled me in close. She hugged me. In that hug there was a transfer of years of wisdom, faithfulness, pure love, and grace. The words that left her lips that were only meant for my ears in the moment, have stuck with me; “You will be humbled.” Me and that word have never really got along. For me, humbled, means a giving up of my will. My feet have been back on US soil now for fifty days. My mind and heart are not fully here. There is a daily struggle to find the joy, the happy, the peace, the want…

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