• On Purpose Everyday

    Blessing in the Struggle

    Jacob is traveling back to his homeland. He’s about to meet up with his brother Esau who he stole the birthright from. Family conflict can add stress to us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Jacob no doubt is feeling a ton of stress as he gets closer to coming face to face with his brother. In his stress Jacob prays back the promises God had made him. “I will make you prosper.” Genesis 32:9 In the midst of all the chaos Jacob might not be ‘feeling’ so prosperous but he boldly declares this promise in his prayer. Jacob sends gifts up ahead with messengers for his brother Esau in hopes…

  • Learning Who You Are


    I ate my pre-run breakfast, hot tea, toast with peanut butter, one banana, and a small yogurt. It’s the morning of my first ever 5K Turkey Trot. I put on my running shorts, shirt and socks. Pulled on a long sleeve just in case it was going to be chilly. I laced up my running shoes. I had my arm pocket that would hold my phone, I made sure I had my earbuds so I could listen to a podcast. I grabbed gloves and my headband, the race was out at the lake, it could be windy. I announce; I’m off to trot. The boys of course give me weird…

  • On Purpose Everyday


    On this Veterans Day I am thinking about you and your service. I don’t know your story. But I am aware of your strength. I may not see all your scars. But I know that you are selfless. You have suffered with secrets and selected silence. May you know you are thanked, appreciated and loved sincerely.

  • On Purpose Everyday

    Keep It Simple

    Hello! Welcome to the blog. A place to motivate, encourage and live out our lives together. I don’t know about you but this time of year is one of my favorites. We are coming into the holidays. Each month from now until the end of January there will be food, celebrations, family, friends, and football (the Super Bowl it’s really just a reason to put out a bunch of amazing snacky foods and where your sweatpants and enjoy the day; Team Hamblin calls is Snack Sunday). All the things. Now maybe all those things are not in your next few months. But I would probably guess a few of them…

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