• Do You Know I Love You?

    You’re Invited

    You are worth it. Your life matters. You are here on purpose. Maybe you need to hear that today. Maybe you need to be reminded of that. Maybe you need to hear it for the first time. We were created to not just survive here on earth, but to thrive. To live our best lives. The foundation to thriving is knowing you are loved. Knowing you are loved and living like it! Do you want to know you are loved? Do you want to do more than just survive this next year? I am going to be hosting an online book club and I would love for you to join…

  • On Purpose Everyday

    ‘Tis the Season

    ‘Tis the season. This season can bring so many triggers of so many kinds. The stress of finances. The dysfunction of family relationships. The pressure to do. The chaos of schedules. This season can cause us to be overwhelmed mentally, physically and emotionally. Without a purposeful pause to find a moment to breath and be calm we can become burdened and spiral in such a way that hope, joy and peace seem not available. ‘Tis the season. May you choose to pause.  Sit.  Be. Find a moment in which hope, joy and peace are what surround you. Seek them.  Find them. Maybe it’s with a cup of tea in the…

  • On Purpose Everyday

    Gift Guide 2018

    Hello Friends! Welcome to the blog. I thought today I would give you some fun Christmas Gift Ideas. If you are giving gifts this year here are a few ideas that might be fun and helpful: Want to give the give of food?  Harry and David will not disappoint with their super yummy fruit!       2.  What would a Gift Guide List be without some book ideas?     3. One of my most favorite things to do is play games, share laughs and make memories.  What about a fun new board game? 4.  Giving a gift in the honor of, or on behalf of someone is also…

  • Do You Know I Love You?

    Being vs Doing

    We live in a world that gives applause for ‘doing’ something. Success in worldly terms means you have accomplished some big achievement. You have done something. There are few red carpet events if any that are held for ‘being’. Right? Usually the medals, the plaques, the trophies are all for those who are be rewarded for ‘doing’. We are torn between the desire of the limelight and the peace of knowing we are where we are supposed to be. Friends even though it’s the byline to my book, A life of being not doing, I struggle. Excerpt from Do You Know I Love You?: Chapter: Being vs. Doing In my…

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