• Learning Who You Are

    Exploring Our Faith

    Most recently earth lost a great and amazing leader/teacher/woman of God. Learn More about Rachel Here: Her Website Facebook Selfishly I feel like I found her a little late.  But just maybe God’s timing is perfect. I just listened to this podcast, hosted by the fabulous Jen Hatmaker and wanted to share it with you. Do you struggle with your faith? Do you have questions? Do you feel like maybe there is more? This podcast helped me in my journey. My faith journey. My hope and prayer is that maybe there is something for you in it too. You are loved deeply. Your Creator is with you. He sees you.…

  • On Purpose Everyday


    I have been sitting here at this laptop for about 20 minutes now.  I have wanted to share my heart. I want to type the words that convey the feeling that exists inside my heart right now. But I don’t want it to come out the wrong way. I don’t want the actual words to distract from the intent. I want my heart to share how hard this is, but for there to be no blame. Because this isn’t about blame. This is all about design. About relationship. What my heart desires is relationship. What they are going through is design. I am currently the momma of two teen boys.…

  • On Purpose Everyday

    Less and More

    It is currently the culture norm to be busy.  Stay busy.  Act busy.  Do more.  Be on the go. Being really busy is like a job title. I’m Busy. Having every minute of your day planned is golden. Attending everything.  Showing up to all the events.  Saying “YES”… it earns you extra points. What? Stop. Seriously.  STOP the CRAZY! Who said all this?  Who created this to be? Where is the pause button? It’s a Monday and I am here to announce to you, myself and the whole entire world. ENOUGH. Saying: We will get together when life is not so busy. There isn’t time in my day to go…

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