Hi. I’m Nichole.

I have been blogging for years, but I won’t go on record as being a writer.  I will leave that to the pros.  You know the ones who know how to grammatically do all that fancy stuff.  Me, I just like to share life, make observations, and point others to the Love of my life.

Jesus, He’s truly all that and more for me.  It took me many years to accept His Love for what it truly was.  A gift. From His heart to mine.  It’s a daily relationship thing.  Where I continue to lay down more of my pride and issues and He continues to love me beyond my wildest dreams.

I am married to The Engineer.  We have made a lot of great memories over the past 18 years. Life has had all the good, bad and ugly and He has remained right by my side.  He really is the one created to balance me.



We have two boys, the T-Squad, who won’t stop eating, sleeping, growing, and learning.  They defy gravity, make me laugh and give the best hugs!  I try and parent them, but usually come out on the other side being schooled!




Together the four of us make Team Hamblin.  We have moved around, explored new places, met people and made some really great friends.  Being on this team means we do a lot of learning how to be the best versions of ourselves.  We are there to cheer each other on, pick each other up and forgive often.

Welcome Friends!

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