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I am finding myself in some very unfamiliar territory. Oh and remember I am living on the island, so I also feel like I am not on my home turf. I don’t want to feel alone in this.
So…I am reaching out to you my blog friends and family!
Some of you have had some peaks into the behind the scenes…but I have decided I am inviting you all in. Yep!
Mainly because I NEED you. I need your advice, your expertise, and your wisdom. Most importantly I need you all to keep me CALM.
Here’s the current status:
The book that took me forever and a day to write, because I am NOT a writer, is currently being edited by the professional, we will call her, The Editor. My tummy gets all sick feeling just thinking about that whole process. I hope she has enough red pens!
While the book is in the very capable hands of The Editor, The Art Team is working on a fabulous cover. I find this to be kinda of fun and overwhelming all at the same time. I am trying to pick out what the book will wear for its entire life, it feels like I am trying to just pick one pair of shoes for a lifetime. I can’t even! What will catch people’s eye? What colors are good together? Leaving most of that to the The Art Team, again they are the pros.
The Author Manager is keeping me busy with public relations and spreading the word, oh and reminding me to breathe.
I am sending a huge shout out to Ark House Press for coming alongside me and truly guiding me graciously through this journey!
There are a lot of moments that I feel WAY out of my league. Oh and I am constantly questioning why am I doing this?
This is where you all come in. I NEED you to come along on this journey with me. I believe we all are called to do hard things. Your hard thing will look different mine, but together we are better.
I want to share the hard moments, the funny moments, the scary moments, and the overwhelming ones. So that you are part of this with me. Because deep down in the depth of my soul I know there will be something in it for you too.
Our journeys are never just for us. They are to uplift, encourage and cheer on those around us.
So stay tuned for reveals…like the title, book cover, launch dates, and MORE!
Publishing this book on purpose!

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