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Book Giveaway

Hello Friends and Family!

My first blog post from the west coast of the US right here on American soil. Team Hamblin survived the 13 hour flight. Some of us entered the country a little lighter as some of us were not able to keep anything down in our bellies. But it’s all good!

Team Hamblin has a lot to do over the next few weeks to get ourselves resituated here. But we are making daily progress.

So my American people have been patiently waiting to celebrate the book and boy do we have some super-duper fun ideas to do just that.

First one is:
A book giveaway for you and get this, a friend!!
That’s right you get a book and you get to pick a friend that gets a book too!
Oh and they are also going to be signed copies. Yep. I will personally sign them to you and to your friend.

Here’s the ‘guidelines’…

1.Each place you comment counts as an entry.
Here on the blog= 1 entry
On Facebook= 1 entry
Instagram= 1 entry

2.If you share it on your,
Blog= another entry
On Facebook= another entry
Instagram= another entry

So you can possibly get up to 6 entries!

So when you comment let us know where you shared it. We will total up your ‘shares’ and make the appropriate entries!

Also make sure to tag your friend that you want to send a copy of the book to!

We will be drawing a winner, yep old school slips of paper from a hat. Oh and just maybe it will be a live drawing Sunday evening!

Okay let’s go after this!

P.S. My New Zealand Friends and Family feel free to share and tag in your Americans!
Oh and its hot here in the US!!! 25 degrees C feels pretty toasty compared to the NZ winter we left.

Love to you all,

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