• New Zealand

    Where in the World is Team Hamblin?

    Have you ever felt like your life is a whirlwind of craziness and that taking a breath is something you have to consciously remind yourself to do? It came to be that our time here in New Zealand had to come to an end for now. We were not ready and were expecting to stay for longer. But again we were reminded we are not in control of how our story reads. It was with reluctance that we packed up, sold stuff and booked tickets back to the US. Our hearts and emotions are all over the place. We look forward to hugging our US family and friends but I…

  • New Zealand

    Some Things Just Ain’t Fair

    Some things just ain’t fair. Like when our friends and family in the US are almost done with school and we are in the middle of the term. Oh and stop already with the beach pictures, the pool parties, and the shorts, and bbq’s. We can’t see it over here. It’s cold. And we are headed into winter. And another thing that just ain’t fair…I invite The Engineer to do yoga class with me this morning and he pretty much does all the moves. Nails every pose. Even gets the instructors approval. Seriously disgusted I am. So as I am whining about things not fair…I am going to share this…

  • New Zealand

    Vacation Debrief

    Team Hamblin spent last week on vacation in Wellington, New Zealand. The capital city of this beautiful country. We arrive at the airport in Hamilton to jump on a little plane for a one hour flight. My first mistake was thinking it would be a fun idea to jump on the luggage scale. Really? What in the heck was I thinking? Vacations and scales? The number displayed in kg’s and so guess what my second mistake was… converting that number on my little converter app. I should have just stayed with the ‘smaller’ of the two numbers. Who in their right mind jumps on a scale the first day of…

  • New Zealand

    2018 Winter Olympics

    I’m watching the 2018 Winter Olympics in the middle of summer here on the island. Anyone else watching the Olympics? I LOVE to watch these talented athletes show off their years of hard work on the biggest stage there is. I cheer them on as if they were my own sons and daughters. I was able to sit down and be entertained by the snowboarders yesterday and see Red Gerard, the 17 year old American, earn a Gold medal for the U.S.A. I will be cheering on the Americans because they are my homies, the Canadians because they are my neighbors I grew up with, and the Kiwi’s too because…

  • New Zealand

    Anniversary Weekend

    Today the northern half of the North Island celebrates a public holiday, Auckland Anniversary Day.  The day in which a British fellow arrived from London to establish a British colony in New Zealand.   It just so happens that this same day marks the first day Team Hamblin arrived on the island! We have officially been on the island for 365 days. We didn’t come to establish a colony, but rather to learn about the New Zealanders and truly explore this beautiful place. This past weekend  us and family friends reserved a bach (a vacation home) on Lake Rotoiti.  There was mountain biking on the trails in the Redwoods, boating,…

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