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    I have been sitting here at this laptop for about 20 minutes now.  I have wanted to share my heart. I want to type the words that convey the feeling that exists inside my heart right now. But I don’t want it to come out the wrong way. I don’t want the actual words to distract from the intent. I want my heart to share how hard this is, but for there to be no blame. Because this isn’t about blame. This is all about design. About relationship. What my heart desires is relationship. What they are going through is design. I am currently the momma of two teen boys.…

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    Less and More

    It is currently the culture norm to be busy.  Stay busy.  Act busy.  Do more.  Be on the go. Being really busy is like a job title. I’m Busy. Having every minute of your day planned is golden. Attending everything.  Showing up to all the events.  Saying “YES”… it earns you extra points. What? Stop. Seriously.  STOP the CRAZY! Who said all this?  Who created this to be? Where is the pause button? It’s a Monday and I am here to announce to you, myself and the whole entire world. ENOUGH. Saying: We will get together when life is not so busy. There isn’t time in my day to go…

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    Welcome to the blog today.  I’m going to bring up an issue that I know is hard for me to truly embrace…and maybe it’s something you struggle with too. Joy. Now I don’t struggle with wanting it.  That is not the problem. But being aware of its presence and existence when I am surrounded by life, the kind of life that makes joy hard to see, that’s where I struggle. Health diagnosis. Financial debt. Raising teenagers with hormones. Dryer quitting with a load of wet towels in it. Stepping in dog poo while on a walk at the park. Miscommunication with spouse. Dropping the guacamole container in the grocery store…

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    What do you expect?

    Happy Day!  Do you feel a little let down by the lack luster of the Super Bowl yesterday? Is it just me or was that not the most low energy football game? However, yesterday was glorious, we shared it with great friends, yummy food and relaxation.  There were some creative and funny commercials, but I just didn’t see much football. Maybe it’s my fault.  Maybe my expectations were too high. Has that ever happened to you? You set your expectations so high that they can’t really be met. Maybe you expect your family to support your creative journey and they don’t. You expect your spouse to show up in ways…

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    ‘Tis the Season

    ‘Tis the season. This season can bring so many triggers of so many kinds. The stress of finances. The dysfunction of family relationships. The pressure to do. The chaos of schedules. This season can cause us to be overwhelmed mentally, physically and emotionally. Without a purposeful pause to find a moment to breath and be calm we can become burdened and spiral in such a way that hope, joy and peace seem not available. ‘Tis the season. May you choose to pause.  Sit.  Be. Find a moment in which hope, joy and peace are what surround you. Seek them.  Find them. Maybe it’s with a cup of tea in the…

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    Gift Guide 2018

    Hello Friends! Welcome to the blog. I thought today I would give you some fun Christmas Gift Ideas. If you are giving gifts this year here are a few ideas that might be fun and helpful: Want to give the give of food?  Harry and David will not disappoint with their super yummy fruit!       2.  What would a Gift Guide List be without some book ideas?     3. One of my most favorite things to do is play games, share laughs and make memories.  What about a fun new board game? 4.  Giving a gift in the honor of, or on behalf of someone is also…

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    Blessing in the Struggle

    Jacob is traveling back to his homeland. He’s about to meet up with his brother Esau who he stole the birthright from. Family conflict can add stress to us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Jacob no doubt is feeling a ton of stress as he gets closer to coming face to face with his brother. In his stress Jacob prays back the promises God had made him. “I will make you prosper.” Genesis 32:9 In the midst of all the chaos Jacob might not be ‘feeling’ so prosperous but he boldly declares this promise in his prayer. Jacob sends gifts up ahead with messengers for his brother Esau in hopes…

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    On this Veterans Day I am thinking about you and your service. I don’t know your story. But I am aware of your strength. I may not see all your scars. But I know that you are selfless. You have suffered with secrets and selected silence. May you know you are thanked, appreciated and loved sincerely.

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    Keep It Simple

    Hello! Welcome to the blog. A place to motivate, encourage and live out our lives together. I don’t know about you but this time of year is one of my favorites. We are coming into the holidays. Each month from now until the end of January there will be food, celebrations, family, friends, and football (the Super Bowl it’s really just a reason to put out a bunch of amazing snacky foods and where your sweatpants and enjoy the day; Team Hamblin calls is Snack Sunday). All the things. Now maybe all those things are not in your next few months. But I would probably guess a few of them…

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    Can we be at peace?

    I’m sitting here before my laptop on this beautiful fall morning and I can see the yellows, reds, burgundy’s of all the changing leaves outside my window. Fall displayed in all its glory. I am sipping a chai tea, the laundry is going and I am waiting for the beep that alerts me to come get the warm dry clothes out and put the next load in. Life is good. Perfect no. Peaceful yes. There is an intent in my soul to focus on that which keeps me in a balanced and peaceful state of mind. Why? And really how is this possible? Am I aware of the world, the…

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