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    Knowing Every Detail

    There is such importance in knowing the full story. Knowing one detail is not enough. The enemy of our souls fights very hard every single day to keep us from knowing the full story. The enemy wants us to know destruction, defeat, and death. He wants to keep our eyes, ears, hearts and souls from knowing who we are and what we were created for. He is number one goal is to keep us from knowing God, our Creator.  The one who fashioned us out of love. He loves us so much and wants us to live fully. To live fully in the abundant life we were created for, we…

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    Online Bible Study Expo

    This Thursday March 14th is the Online Bible Study Expo. You are NOT going to want to miss it. There are 10 Authors (yours truly and 9 of my new friends) sharing their newest books. There are interviews with the Authors, Book Giveaways, Facebook and Twitter parties. The Expo is from 1-4pm EST which for us west coast folks is 10am-1pm. Today on the blog I am going to be introducing you to all my new friends and our amazing hostess Marnie. Be sure to join in all the fun on Thursday March 14th. Come early to register for FREE books! Online Bible Study Expo

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    I’m Back

    At the recommendations, prodding and confirmations, I’m back. Back to blog! Wonder if it will be ‘just like riding a bike’.  Get on and it will all just happen. I am going to be completely vulnerable with you… I’m scared. Scared to start again. Scared to start from scratch. Where have I been?  What have I been up to? I have definitely not been idle.  I have been listening, hearing, heading the direction, healing, writing a book, oh and moving clear across the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand.  Which I totally love by the way! So here I am back to blog! What’s the purpose of this blog? To give…

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