Learning Who You Are

Doubt. Deny. Disobey.

There is an enemy of our souls.  One who causes us to doubt God’s voice, to deny His love and provision for us and to guide us into disobedience.

The Bible has given the enemy a few names, satan, the devil. 

In the third chapter of Genesis, the enemy comes on scene as a serpent. 

The serpent comes to raise some doubt in the mind of Eve.  He has her questioning if what God said is really true.  He causes Eve to doubt what God said.

Does God really know what’s best for me?

Does God really have the best plan for my life?

Does God even see me?

The serpent then denies what God has said;

You won’t die.

Eve takes another look at the tree, a tree that is full of delicious looking fruit.  A tree filled with the opportunity to know everything just like God. Eve makes the decision to deny what God says as truth.

God would not deny me.

Eve disobeys Gods, and takes the fruit and eats.

She made the decision to not trust God.

First, doubt was introduced.

There was questions.  There is no sin in the questions.  God is not offset by our questions.

Then there was the denying of God’s love, His provision, His purpose and plan for life.  I know this is a hard area of a lot of us.  How could anyone deny God’s love?  But in reality I think we have all been in this spot.  We have wondered;

But if God is a loving God then how come this….

But if God provides then how come there are…

Again, there is no sin in asking the questions.  But when we choose to believe the lies that are wrapped up in the questions and allow our heart to be tethered to them so tightly that it pulls us away from our Creator and His voice, this is dangerous.

When we believe the lies and choose to disobey, this is sin.

May we be aware of the progression;

Doubt. Deny. Disobey.

Knowing the voice of God and how it differs from our voice or the voice of the enemy is very important.

May we know that God has only love for us.  A love that is guaranteed to usher us through this life on purpose.

May we choose to allow our minds, hearts, and souls to be immersed in His love for us to a point that we know the voice of our Creator.

Know you are loved and live like it!

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