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Everyone to the table

This weekend I got to retreat in the hills. The scenery was beautiful.
Meals weren’t all about the food, but rather the people that sat around the tables. The being together and talking about life.
I came away having something sorted in my heart and mind.
Let me start with the story.
Jesus is walking with his disciples. It’s about time to have the Passover Meal, a time in which the Jews celebrate their liberation from Egypt.
His disciples ask Him, “Where would you like to eat the Passover Meal?”
Jesus prepared for this question answers pretty specifically, “go into the city, find the man carrying a jug of water and follow him. He will lead you to the owner of the house and you will find that an upstairs room has been cleaned and readied. Prepare for us there.”

*I don’t know about you but I would really like Jesus to be that specific with me when giving me directions!

So the disciples go and find the room just as Jesus had told them. They prepare for the Passover meal.
The sun goes down and Jesus and His disciples show up to the house for dinner. They are sitting around the table eating. Jesus announces, “Hey I have something pretty serious I have to tell you.” The disciples lean in to hear what Jesus has to say.
Jesus matter of factly states; “One of you here sitting at the table eating is going to betray Me.”
The disciples are stunned. Looking around at each other in shock. Saddened, they are questioning, “Is it me?”
“It is one of you that sit here tonight eating at this table with Me. The Son of Man will go just like it has been written about. But woe to the man who is betraying Me, it would be better if he was never born.”
(This story is being retold from Mark 14 of the Bible)

What stands out to you in the story above?
I am always up for a yummy meal and then to get to share it with friends makes it even better. Oh and a meal that celebrates freedom…a whole ‘nother level!
But then to have your meal interrupted by somebody sharing a bold accusation of betrayal. Ouch and yikes…right? I can’t help but wonder if one of the disciples tried to lighten the mood or try and change topics. Anyone ready for dessert?
What if we look beyond what Jesus is saying and trying to see what He believes?
He didn’t have this conversation before they went into the house? Why?
He didn’t require that everyone have all their ‘stuff’ worked out and figured out and cleaned up before they shared a meal together. Why?
He believes that everyone gets to come to the table. Everyone is invited. There is room for all. He is inclusive.
What would meals look like if everyone was invited to the table at your house?
What would inclusiveness look like in your day to day?
What would the church, our church, look like if everyone was welcome at the table?
May we allow our minds and hearts to believe like Jesus.

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