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Fastest Loser

Fastest loser.
I cannot even wrap my head around that. Seriously. Is it a half compliment, or a partial reward, or an easy let down?
I heard it last night while I was watching the sprint races for the Commonwealth Games. The event takes place every four years and is an international multi-sport event involving athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations. I had never heard of the Commonwealth Games until moving to New Zealand. Maybe because the US doesn’t participate, which has something to do with a war and independence and such.
So last night as I watched some of the running races, I kept hearing the commentators announcing that ‘so and so’ was the fastest loser.
After about 30 minutes or so I think I might have worked out that it meant the person who came in third and was not in the top two finishers that qualified to go on to the finals?!
But in all honesty I am still not for sure.
Can’t they call it something else? Maybe with a tone of nicety?!
Not only am I stopping in here on the blog to enlighten you with my latest learned knowledge of the Commonwealth Games, but I am sharing my heart.
I am by nature an overzealous and excited person. I always go all in on something! And in my silly naive nature I think that means everyone else is also all in with me.
I have written my first book. It was hard. Hard to sit down and write. Hard to share what is in the book. Hard. Every bit of it.
I get to the publishing and launching part and thought…this should go easier.
Long story short.
I am a no name author. This isn’t a bad thing. It just means my name doesn’t sell this book.
I have to try and share and get others to share.
Even with the benefit of social media…there is A LOT competing for our time and energy.
In all honesty I don’t want to cram this down anyone’s throat. I want it to happen naturally and organically.
So here I am.
Drinking a chai tea, cramming some yummy homemade pumpkin scones in my belly and praying.
God do Your thing!
I know by looking back God has given me the strength to do hard things. So I hold tight to His hand.
I wanted to share Chapter Titles for the book. So I asked for ‘help’ to share the blog and the FB page to increase the audience.
Maybe that was not meant to be.
Mondays sometimes bring honesty and enlightenment.
I am resorting to God do Your thing!
He always does it better.
I am constantly having to remember which order things need to be in.
Him first. Me second.
Does that make me the ‘fastest loser’?
I will step back and let Him.

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  • Bernie

    That’s always the way . We must humble ourselves before God and be what he says
    I know the plans I have for you. Remember Nichole he already knows our days.
    I love the cover a lot. I am sure the book will be great . Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Any idea when it will be out?
    Love Bernie
    Oh and you won’t be the fastest loser.

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