Happy Friday

Happy Friday and Emoji Fun

Happy Friday Friends!

You have all been waiting patiently for some chapter titles from “Do You Know I Love You?” but I couldn’t just share them any ole way.  I wanted it to be fun and creative.  In come two of my most amazing girlfriends who I cannot do life without.  Even though we are on opposite sides of the beautiful Pacific Ocean, we still NEED each other.  So thankful for WhatsApp.  I am completely dependent on them for my continued journey as a human.  I asked them with a great big ‘pretty please’ to come up with something fun and creative and they did!  I just love them.

We are sharing 4 chapter titles, one from each section.  And you have to use the emoji’s to figure out the chapter titles.  I will be also sharing them on Facebook and Instagram.  Feel free to leave your guesses here on the blog, Facebook or Instagram.


Part 1: Sit


Part 2: Stand


Part 3: Walk


Part 4: Run


Have Fun!

Love you all, On Purpose.


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