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He Sees Us

Have you ever found yourself in place you never imagined you would be?
Or maybe you are somewhere you don’t want to be.
I think realizing you are there is one thing.
Another is accepting this is where you are.
And to go further is to embrace it.I just wanna say don’t ever feel like you need to rush through these phases. There are emotions and all sorts that goes with this. Take your time. Be in the moment. Listen and learn. Over the years I have found myself in many different places I never would have taken myself.
But I am learning that there is usually something amazing that comes from it.
A lesson learned. A person met. A goal reached. A relationship strengthened.
Maybe it’s a medical condition that you would rather not have plague your body.
Or retirement is not fulfilling and you miss the busyness of the workforce.
You have been relocated and getting settled is not happening fast enough.
A new momma who feels housebound because there is no way to get all of you out of the house.
Your partner for a lifetime has passed away and the loneliness is so hard.
All your kids are grown the house is quiet and the fridge is too full.
You are watching someone you love suffer.
The marriage is struggling.
The business is not going to make it.
Your finances are less than stellar.
It seems as if your dream to be a “ ______” is not happening.
There are so many places we can find ourselves. The feelings, the thoughts, and the emotions are real.
Friend don’t forget you are truly not alone. This is life. We all live it. And sometimes we need to stop and pause and realize that the stuff we are going through might not be exactly the same stuff our neighbor is going through, but it’s still stuff.
I just wanted to say I am in the midst of stuff, this move back to the US has been huge for our family. But we know that we are in God’s line of sight. He sees us. He has not left us.
Do you know that?
Do you know He sees you?
He cares for you?
Maybe a reminder of His great love for you today will bring some energy and strength to you.
Father God, will You remind each one us Your dearly loved children, today that You see us. You care for us. You know what we are going through. Amen
Wherever you are today I am thinking of you. I know it’s hard. It is overwhelming. But may I encourage you to dig deep, press on and see what comes next?
You are loved on purpose!

P.S. I wrote this blog post for me to read and re-read as I need to hear this over and over again.
P.P.S We HAVE internet out here. It happened today folks. This amazing guy just did his thing and then Team Hamblin was streaming Wifi. Trying to publish a blog post from the hotspot on your cell phone is like trying to rope and ride a slippery wet seal. Seriously impossible. I have worked on it for over a week. And then I said NO MORE. I am beyond exhausted. How in the world did we do life without WiFi?
P.P.P. S Oh and we have a dining table which has elevated Team Hamblin’s spirits!

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