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High schooler in the house

Dear T,
I had you in the front pack. I worked my way through the aisles of the store and hurried to the checkout line. You were starting to fuss. You were most likely starving, it had been a good 42 minutes since I had fed you last. I was loading the groceries up on the conveyer belt as fast as I could as I bounced and swayed you.
The sweet old lady standing behind me ready to load her pint of milk, bread, butter and a bananas. She says, ‘it will go by so fast.
No offense but maybe she couldn’t see me. Maybe the old age had clouded her vision. But I stood before her un-showered, my hair was in the messy bun…this was way before the messy bun was cool. I was in full on mommy uniform, yoga pants, oversized shirt which might or might not have had breast milk on it.
My response, which didn’t leave my lips, ‘it feels like I’m on repeat cycle EVERY single DAY. I am trying to keep this human fed, changed, and begging him to sleep long enough so I can brush my teeth and take a shower.’
That was yesterday. Or what to this momma heart feels like yesterday.
And here we are, the morning of your first day of high school.
I’m still working on keeping you fed, clothed, but now I’m trying to get you awake.
She was SO right. That sweet old lady knew something I didn’t. Time does go fast. Too fast. Maybe just for me. Maybe not for you.
How can it be that you and I who ‘grew up’ together these past 13 years cannot be in equilibrium on this?
I’m learning as a momma of boys that respecting you is what builds a strong foundation to our relationship.
My advice for your high school years…have fun! Be a good friend. Stay strong to you. Represent Team Hamblin well. But represent your God even better.
Last night as you crawled into bed, I kissed you goodnight and you informed me that you will never be too old for the first day of school cookie tradition. So I’m home baking up the snickerdoodles, waiting to hear how your day went and parking my heart on this…
For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear I will help you. Isaiah 41:13

I love you T!
On Purpose,


  • Lois Zachary

    We’ve only physically been a part of your lives for a short year and I’m blubbering all over the front of my jeans. God’s blessings on you, Tyler, as you move on. That’s His plan and we’re all in agreement with whatever He has in mind, at least most of the days. Mom and Dad, you’ve done well. You’re not done yet. In fact, Tyler will always need you so hang on tight because the ‘best is yet to come’. Much love, LZ2

  • Clare James

    Such a sweet reflective post of what being a mama is all about. You’re an incredible mother. As my heart entertwines with another soul, I’m overwhelmed with love and anticipation of all to come!

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