Pupose of Blog

I’m Back

At the recommendations, prodding and confirmations, I’m back.

Back to blog!

Wonder if it will be ‘just like riding a bike’.  Get on and it will all just happen.

I am going to be completely vulnerable with you…

I’m scared.

Scared to start again. Scared to start from scratch.

Where have I been?  What have I been up to?

I have definitely not been idle.  I have been listening, hearing, heading the direction, healing, writing a book, oh and moving clear across the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand.  Which I totally love by the way!

So here I am back to blog!

What’s the purpose of this blog?

To give encouragement to another wife who is committed to fulfill the vows of marriage.

To cheer on another momma while she is in the thick of one of the hardest roles she will ever take on.

To punch a hole in the darkness.

To share ways to live life on purpose in the everyday.

To realize our existence is about relationship.

To share breathtaking moments that leave our humanness in awe.

To embrace that which is hard so that we allow it to shape us into our original genuine design.

To love and be loved.

To laugh, cry, learn and live within the presence of His great love for us.

To bring glory and honor to the One.


Thank you friends for stopping by!



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