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We have made it down to SoCal. It was quite the trek. The Engineer drove the U-Haul and I drove our new to us Toyota Highlander. We left a day early from Southern Oregon due to fires at the Oregon and California border. We got through the interstate while it was open. We broke the trip up over two days. And were blessed to sit in a hotel hot tub and get a goodnights rest.
I think that all the changes over the past five weeks are starting to hit the Team. We have moved across the world, left our friends on the island, went from winter to summer, The Engineer has changed jobs, we are living out of suitcases and it has been a major culture shock coming back into the US.
Right now we are working through some ‘issues’ feel free to rate them on how important they are to you, but we are struggling…just going to be honest.
We need more pillows.
Costco will solve this issue for us.
We have no internet out here at our new homestead.
The internet people are coming today to do a property survey to see what they can do to fix that problem. They told me yesterday it could be up to 7 weeks! Seriously?!?!
I am currently hot spotting off my phone to make this blog post. We are burning through our data plan on our cell phones like a crazy. Issues!
We have one car. The Engineer is using it to commute to work. The boys and I are a ways out here. The neighbors have horses, so in case of an emergency we can saddle up and ride into town.
We are eating on the floor. Fun on a picnic. But already over that. Sorry I know that some cultures do this. But my over 40 year old body with back issues can’t do this long term.
Snakes. That have rattles on their tales. I CAN’T. I HATE snakes. All kinds. I miss the island. There were no snakes. My solution to this…I’m buying the boys pellet guns and telling them to shoot away. Happy boys and happy momma!
I know we will be dandy soon, but right now it’s hard. We are adjusting. Heck we miss our friends in New Zealand.
But we are very blessed to be back down here and surrounded by people we know and love.
My prayer for all of us is that among the issues and things of life we still know we are loved and seek out those who need to be loved on.

Off to make some bacon for me and the boys…bacon solves many issues!

On Purpose,


  • Sue Hazlewood

    Miss you too. I bet it is a major culture shock. I always feel NZ is a bit more gentle than the US. What were the main things you noticed? NZ is good except cold and wet!!!! Kids are good, Luke has minor surgery today but is good. Kids on holidays now and the CMS Shrek performance was great. Hope you get internet , and pillows soon..:)

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