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Welcome to the blog today. 

I’m going to bring up an issue that I know is hard for me to truly embrace…and maybe it’s something you struggle with too.


Now I don’t struggle with wanting it.  That is not the problem.

But being aware of its presence and existence when I am surrounded by life, the kind of life that makes joy hard to see, that’s where I struggle.

Health diagnosis.

Financial debt.

Raising teenagers with hormones.

Dryer quitting with a load of wet towels in it.

Stepping in dog poo while on a walk at the park.

Miscommunication with spouse.

Dropping the guacamole container in the grocery store parking lot.

Struggling with an addiction.

Being hurt by a family member.

This is life.

And life happens each and every day.

So how in the world can we experience joy in the middle of any of that, especially if we can’t even see the joy?

Friend, I totally get it.  I do.

I live with these real life scenarios each and every day.

So what can choose to do to seek out joy, to find it, and experience it?

I am purposefully using the word, choose, it has to be intentional on our part.

So what are some practical things we can do to make joy more evident to ourselves?

First and foremost we need to be healthy.  We need to be taking care of ourselves the best we can.

  • Drink water. Staying hydrated is truly the #1 miracle…it solves so many things. Want to have energy? Drink your water!  Want less aches and pains in your body?  Drink your water!  Want less fogginess in thoughts?  Drink your water!
  • Eat healthy.  What we put in our bodies is the fuel that runs our body.  Choose the foods that will give you the performance you want.  Want to feel energetic, positive and healthy…choose the foods that will give you those results.
  • Move your body. Go for a walk.  Ride your bike.  Take the stairs.  Shoot some hoops with your son.  Pick a hike you want to do this weekend.  Water aerobics.  Learn a new sport.  Our bodies were created to move. 
  • Rest. Get your sleep. Plan your breaks.  Rest your mind.  Turn off your electronics.  We need downtown.  We need moments of just breathing.  We have to experience quiet.
  • Practice gratitude. If you were to just pick one to start with…this is where I would start.  Acknowledging all that is amazing and good around you…that is a sure fire way to life your spirits.  I promise you this will bring more joy into your life.  You will soon see that your focus will be intent on finding the things throughout your day that you are thankful for.
  • Serve. Open the door for them.  Send someone a hand written letter.  Invite someone for a meal.  Volunteer at the library.  Read with a little one.  Giving of your time to invest in another is sure to bring a fulfillment that your soul longs for.

I am aware that life is hard.  Things are sometimes outside of our control.  We don’t always have a say about what is happening to us.

I believe that the six things above are ways we can have control in our lives and are some great ways to bring some more joy into your life.

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