Learning Who You Are

Just as I am

If I were to tell you right now in this moment that God accepts you and loves you just as you are, how would that make you feel?

Do you think I am being wacky?

Or do you know the truth when you hear it?

I think we struggle with God accepting us just as we are because there is really nothing like it here on earth. 

Thanks to advertising we feel we will not be accepted for our gray hairs, our wrinkles, our 10 year old cars, our curvy bodies, and our houses that don’t resemble high end decorator status.

We can’t be accepted until we fix all the things.  Until the number on the scale is this, and our bank account is at that and we have the right job to put on our resume, we won’t be good enough. 

We won’t be getting it all right until our marriage is better and our children are behaving and getting a 3.9GPA, and we host the most amazing dinner parties.

God will not approve of us until we pray the right way each and every day, and our church attendance is stellar and we are current on all the Bible studies.

How can we be accepted and loved just as we are?

If we try to figure this out within our human brain capacity and our knowledge of how the world works we will never come close to understanding the love God has for us.

A love that is NOT dependent on who we are.

It’s all Him.

He accepts you just as you are.

He accepts me just as I am.

He accepts us just as we are.

But it doesn’t stop at just acceptance.

Love comes.

A love that will wrap itself around us, hold us, protect us, keep us and guide us.

He loves us just the way are.

Just as you are.

Just as I am.

Just as we are.



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