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It started Monday night. As I was climbing into my cozy bed, a painful throat. In that moment I knew it. The Engineer had shared his cold with me. Darn it! I woke up Tuesday feeling achy, stuffed up and miserable. It is currently Thursday afternoon and my left ear is plugged and I can’t do life. I’m coughing up my lungs which makes my body even that much sorer. I am blowing my nose every 3 seconds because for some reason the human body is really good at making snot. I am consuming more tea than is even harvested in a year. I don’t like to be sick. All I can get myself to do is watch movies on Netflix. Oh and write this short little note to post on the blog.
So here is the good news…you can’t catch this cold via the blog, and you can’t hear my incredibly whiny voice, and just maybe the book, you know the one I can’t wait to get in your hands…is almost ready to go into the printing machines!!! I have read and re-read the pages of the book until my eyes are blurry…looking for all sorts of things that don’t make sense, spelling errors, typos, mistakes, and tried to find the things that need not be there when it goes to print. And it’s almost there.
I am off to keep Kleenex in business!
May you know you are loved.
On Purpose,

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