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Knowing Every Detail

There is such importance in knowing the full story.

Knowing one detail is not enough.

The enemy of our souls fights very hard every single day to keep us from knowing the full story.

The enemy wants us to know destruction, defeat, and death.

He wants to keep our eyes, ears, hearts and souls from knowing who we are and what we were created for.

He is number one goal is to keep us from knowing God, our Creator.  The one who fashioned us out of love.

He loves us so much and wants us to live fully.

To live fully in the abundant life we were created for, we have to know every detail of the story.

Many, many years ago on a Friday night Love took Jesus to a hill and Love allowed Him to be hung on a cross. Love chose death. A death that was the ultimate sacrifice for ALL of God’s created people.  Every single one of us, because of sin we are separated from God, our Creator.  Without the acknowledgement, the acceptance and the embracing of what Jesus did for us, we cannot live the abundant life God desires for us to live.

We have to choose to acknowledge Love.

We have to choose to accept Love.

We have to choose to embrace Love.

But Love didn’t just die.

Love conquered death. 

Love rose victoriously.

Love is alive, and active and interacting every day in this world.

Allowing this Love to come in and change us, allowing this Love to conquer everything that holds us captive.  Allowing this love to free us and defeat the very things that want to keep us defeated and dead in this life is choosing to live out the very purpose we were created for.

Living in joy, peace, grace, and love.

A new life.

An abundant life.

The very life we were created for.

May we know that God is in every detail of every story. 

Our Creator loves us more than we can even comprehend.

May we chose this Love.

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