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Less and More

It is currently the culture norm to be busy.  Stay busy.  Act busy.  Do more.  Be on the go.

Being really busy is like a job title.

I’m Busy.

Having every minute of your day planned is golden.

Attending everything.  Showing up to all the events.  Saying “YES”… it earns you extra points.



Seriously.  STOP the CRAZY!

Who said all this?  Who created this to be?

Where is the pause button?

It’s a Monday and I am here to announce to you, myself and the whole entire world.



We will get together when life is not so busy.

There isn’t time in my day to go for a walk.

Reading a book is a luxury I don’t have time for.

We don’t have time to eat meals as a family.


This is not okay.

Are we ready to refuse this lifestyle?

Are we ready to take control of the precious lives we were given?

Control meaning; what we invite in to our lives, what we say no to, when we pause?

I need balance of the less and more in my life.

I need to be able to pause.  To rest.  To be still.

I need to believe and know that this is part of the design, the creation, that inhaling and exhaling are the balance to life.

That to fully live is to fully embrace the pause.

To fully embrace the pause is allowing myself the time to breathe deeper, to take account for what is in my life and what needs to go.

To invite that which brings joy, love, peace, and life.

To remove that which bring stress, chaos, and death.

What are the things that we can remove?

The noise.

The toxic relationships.

The addictions.

The worry.

The fear.

Please, for the sake of your soul, take the time to pause today.

What do you need less of in your life?

Inhale and exhale.  Breath deep.

What do you need more of in your life today?

May you truly know your life is a gift, designed by The Creator, who sees you, adores you, loves you and cherishes every bit of you.  May you gift yourself the pause today.

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