Learning Who You Are

Living Loved-Part 1

Hello, welcome to the blog.  I am so glad you stopped by.  It is my deepest desire to spread love and joy, here in this place.

My hope is that when you are here visiting that you are feeling uplifted, motivated, encouraged, but most importantly loved.

Knowing you are loved is a foundation from which to build your life on. 

My love for you comes from the Source of the best love ever.

Finding the One True Source of love was a game changer for me.

Once I realized that my purpose was to be loved by my Creator, my whole soul was freed.

Freed to just be.

Be loved.

Once I realized that I didn’t have to perform, achieve, strive or earn this love there was such a joy, peace and contentment that flooded my soul.

I breathe deeper and fuller.

This foundation of love has led me to live in ways that I never realized were even possible.

Live an abundant and full life.

A life that is focused on growing and maturing on being the one I was created to be.

Learning what doesn’t suit me, shame, bitterness, jealousy, pride, perfectionism, trying to control all the things and people pleasing.

Learning that there is freedom in progress and not to be focused on the destination.

That there is so much wrapped up in the journey.

So what does living like we are loved look like?

How can you tell someone is living loved?

When you are living loved, you display certain characteristics or qualities.

Someone who is living loved will display forgiveness.


Accepting from their Creator.

Giving it to themselves.

Giving it to others.


Be loved my friend. And then live like it.

P.S. Next Monday more characteristics and qualities of one who lives loved.

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