Learning Who You Are

Living Loved- Part 2

Would you consider yourself difficult to offend?

I think I try to be difficult to offend.  But there are times when my spirit isn’t as strong and I allow something someone says or does to rock me a little too much.

To look around our world today I think people are easily offended.

Which makes for a society that seems ready to explode at any moment.

What would the world look like if we didn’t take everything that was said or done straight to our hearts and let it disrupt us?

Would there be more peace?

Would conversations flow more productively?

I believe if we know we are loved and we are truly grounded in that love and we are living out of that love than what others say or do doesn’t easily offend us.

Does that make sense?

I am fully aware that this is HARDto live out.

But take a few moments and think about it.

When was the last time someone said something about you that didn’t sit well with you?

Maybe they commented about:

Your weight?

Your hair?

The way you raise your kids?

The cleanliness of your car?

That you homeschool your kiddos?

That you work too much?

That you have your kids in too many activies?

People say things, ALL THE TIME.

We are the ones with the choice to hear it and take it in.

What we choose to do with the comments, critiques and words that others say to us is on us.

We get to allow it to mess with us, hurt us, and offend us.

Again I know that this is HARD.

What if we truly chose to be difficult to offend?

Maybe that would free us a little, or a lot?

What if when people said something we hear it, but we don’t let it rock our foundation and disrupt us from living our best lives?!

I am currently enrolled in this life lesson.

I want to be confident of who I am.

Loved by my Creator.

And I want to live fully in that love.


  • Elisa Carlson

    Living Loved Part 2 reminded me of the 2006 movie, Miss Potter. Have you seen it? There is this great quote of hers when she buys property at an auction:

    “Please, sir. I am no longer in the habit of being lectured to,
    and, thankfully, I do not require your approval or anyone else’s.”

    In the movie, at least, Beatrix Potter was a really good example of following her heart despite outside comments! Even tho the movie isn’t about seeking approval from God, I think it is a good parallel to what you wrote about here!

    This was so good:

    I want to be confident of who I am.

    Loved by my Creator.

    And I want to live fully in that love.

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