Learning Who You Are

Living Loved-Part 4

As a day that is recognized for pulling pranks and jokes on each other what we are talking about on the blog today is NO JOKE!

Living loved means you are secure in the love of your Creator.  The One who fashioned you on purpose for a purpose.  To be in an intimate love and grace filled relationship with Him.

Living loved means you are you.  You are comfortable with you. You love you.

You are secure in who you are.

There is no need to compare yourself to anyone else.

Because again you are you.

The world needs you.

You’re unique and handcrafted to be that way.

Comparison is deadly.

I’m not kidding.

When we compare any part of our life with that of another we are killing our joy, our peace, our foundation.

But doesn’t she parent better?

Didn’t he make partner faster?

Her hair is so much nicer than mine.

He runs marathons.

Doesn’t he get better grades than me?

Her body is so toned and she always eats perfectly.

They have a nicer house, car, boat, etc.

Don’t they take vacations every year?

Listen friends this doesn’t serve us. 

We are not put here on this earth to compare ourselves with each other.

We are not here to compete in all the things that life throws at us.  Nope.

All this does is steal from us…we can’t live loved and compare at the same time.

Living loved is living in the security of the life we are living.

This is my hair, my body, my family, my marriage, my home, and I am going to embrace it all and live loved in every square inch of it.

What do you think?

How much energy are you spending comparing your life to another?

What if you used that same energy and invested it in living your life to the fullest?

Living an abundant life filled with love, is God’s purpose for you.

So we have to quit comparing.  Just stop doing.

We are to live fully loved. Amen.

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