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Living Loved-The Foundation

God could not love you anymore than He does right now in this very moment.

I was standing in an auditorium with my eyes closed when I heard those words yesterday.

Those words were just what my heart needed.

There is power, freedom, grace, joy, and peace in those words.

Hear this;

I could not love you anymore than I do right now.

And know your Creator is speaking to you.

This is the foundation.


Get rooted, firmly planted, and grounded in His love for you today.

To live loved you have to start here.

There is nothing you did, can do or will do to inflate or deflate this love.

God is God.

He doesn’t change.

His love for you is permanent and doesn’t fluctuate based on your behavior.

Can I get an Amen for that?!?!

God doesn’t dispense His love for us based on our actions, performance or choices.

His love is a constant.

We have been talking about living loved for the past few weeks here on the blog and I felt this was important to share today. 

We cannot miss this.

We are loved. 

Truly, purely and greatly loved by God.

May we allow this truth to seep into our mind, heart and souls today. 

May we live fully in this love.

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