Learning Who You Are

Living Loved-without end

I really think we could talk about what it looks like to live loved from now until eternity.

Don’t you?

Living fully into what we were created to be is God’s original design for us and yet many of us, myself included can’t truly grasp all that entails.

If we are honest we are usually so overwhelmed with His amazing grace and love for us that we can’t even fully embrace that.

So to live loved has some of us, myself included in a constant learning, growing and maturing state of mind.

But there is such beauty in that.

Knowing that God has more for us to learn, more for us to experience, more for us to embrace.

More to know about Him.

I stand in awe.

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

Pause and know that I am everything I say I am.

I am Love.

I am Peace.

I am Strength.

I am Courage.

I am Healer.

I am Redeemer.

I am Counselor.

I am Creator.

I am Provider.

I am Deliverer.

I am Savior.

I am Fulfiller.

I am Comforter.

I am Protector.

I am Defender.

I am God, I am Love and I love you.

We are loved.  We need to know this.

We need to pause and truly let it sink in, deep down to our soul.


Hear God speak over you what He is in your life.

He fulfills every need, every desire that we have to live this life.

To live loved is to know God.

Take a break from the busyness.

Stop and allow God to pour into you that which you so desperately need.

He will fill the ache, the void, and the desperate parts of our souls.

Living loved is Gods purpose for us.

May we embrace this fully.


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