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Love On Them

Just trying to figure life out. While living it, yep that’s a hard one. Right?
Like being the momma, who is menopausal, to two teen boys who are being doused with testosterone. Is this my life?
I have come to learn a few things about myself this week. One is that I am ‘that person’ who is very curious about things.
I am always asking questions. Wondering. Trying to sort some stuff out.
And this can put me ‘out’ with others. This can cause others to question my foundation. This can rub up against the comfortable of others.
Now hear my heart on this, I am not, NOT, intent on living my life to cause anyone else frustration.
But rather I have chosen to live it on purpose.
What in the world does that exactly mean?
Purposefully moving in the direction of my Jesus.
Purposefully following hard after my Teacher.
Purposefully trying desperately to love like He loves.
I would like to think it’s because I am moving in the direction of better. But that’s really not for me to judge.
Trust me I struggle with the temptation to judge, and sometimes I get lost down that soul damaging path. But the shoes of judgement are for the feet of our Creator.
He only.
I have landed in a place in my mind and heart that I am all about loving on people.
Just love on them.
Am I too lofty in thinking that ‘love’ will solve it all?
Is there an error in the margin of legitimate pure love?
Isn’t this easier said than done?
Why is this my passion?
Why do I have this pressed so intently on my mind and heart?
Love. On. Them.
Because it’s what happening to me. I am in the midst of this.
Being loved on.
The Creator didn’t wait until I had my ‘stuff’ all figured out. He didn’t wait until I laid down my all my issues. He didn’t wait until I stopped sinning.
He loved me and accepted me AS IS!
All of me.
The parts that struggle, the parts that judge, the parts that don’t have any self-control.
I am being loved on.
I will continue on being curious, asking questions, and loving.
Maybe in the midst of my busyness of loving on those around me, I won’t have time to worry who doesn’t fit the ill designed mold of my preconceived idea of who qualifies for love.
Frankly it’s none of my business.
I want my love to be the outflow of what floods my mind, heart and soul every single day.
How about you?
What do you tend to lean into? Judgement from others? Others pointing out your issues and ‘stuff’?
Or do you lean into…
I tend to lean into those people around me that love me. Right where I am. Mess and all. I tend to need the reminder that I am worthy, loved and okay.
Maybe treating others how we want to be treated really could work?
Love on them.
On Purpose.

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