Learning Who You Are

Make Love Your Foundation

Hello, welcome to the blog!  I am glad you are here. 

The heart motive behind this space on the internet is that you are welcome here.  That you will come to find peace, comfort, joy, motivation, and encouragement. 

Most importantly, my hope is that you will find Love.  My desire is that you will see that that Love is weaved into every aspect of life.

The foundation of life for us humans is knowing we are loved.

Loved by a Creator who thinks the world of us.

Once we know we are loved, then we can learn to live like it.

Love has to be the foundation from which we live and breathe.

Our lives will radiate a contentment, a peace, a joy when we know we are loved and living like it.

May you find that this is the One thing that you desire.

May you allow Love to pour itself on you.

May you live the best life you were created to live.

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