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Welcome to the blog. I am glad you stopped in. Happy First Day of October! It’s beginning to look and feel Fall-ish here in SoCal. Trees are starting their color changes and our late evenings and early mornings have much cooler air.

This past weekend was a 2 napper. Meaning I took a nap on Saturday and on Sunday. I call it ‘survival’ living in a household of all boys. No, really, to stay sane it’s one of my coping mechanisms. And the true joy of it is that The Engineer totally gets it and me and so he happily accommodates for naps!

So I am aware that there are totally HUGE newsworthy events going on in our world.

Ones that I am truly lifting up prayers to God for. Ones that are hurting my heart. Events that make me question human decency. Oh and ones that just need a huge does of Love.

But out here at our homestead life has gotten pretty dang real. Real Hard. Seriously who thought this girlie could raise two boys who are so stinkin’ smothered in testosterone while going through menopause?

Two boys + Full on testosterone washing over their minds + Menopausal Momma

I know many of amazing mommas have traveled this path before me. I am looking hard at the footprints they have left behind.

I am taking all the advice.

I am remembering that this will go by in the blink of an eye.

I am asking is this why Jesus turned the water into wine?

Because He knew. He once was a teen boy and this was His way of helping all the other mommas who came after Mary.

I am deep breathing. I am praying.

Most importantly I am napping.

This momma needs her strength!

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