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    Yesterday in church all I could think of was my ‘need’ for God. A desperate dependence. At one time I would have been ashamed of this weakness. For I fully equated need with weakness. Being in need meant I wasn’t doing something right. We reside in a world that shouts independence. And yet our very DNA was created for dependence. We are wired to be needy. Needy for love, a love that will embrace us, fulfill us, sustain and empower us. These past few weeks I have begged my God to fill me with His strength, as I have an incredible need. A need to kick an addiction. A need…

  • New Zealand

    Vacation Debrief

    Team Hamblin spent last week on vacation in Wellington, New Zealand. The capital city of this beautiful country. We arrive at the airport in Hamilton to jump on a little plane for a one hour flight. My first mistake was thinking it would be a fun idea to jump on the luggage scale. Really? What in the heck was I thinking? Vacations and scales? The number displayed in kg’s and so guess what my second mistake was… converting that number on my little converter app. I should have just stayed with the ‘smaller’ of the two numbers. Who in their right mind jumps on a scale the first day of…

  • Happy Friday

    Happy Friday and Emoji Fun

    Happy Friday Friends! You have all been waiting patiently for some chapter titles from “Do You Know I Love You?” but I couldn’t just share them any ole way.  I wanted it to be fun and creative.  In come two of my most amazing girlfriends who I cannot do life without.  Even though we are on opposite sides of the beautiful Pacific Ocean, we still NEED each other.  So thankful for WhatsApp.  I am completely dependent on them for my continued journey as a human.  I asked them with a great big ‘pretty please’ to come up with something fun and creative and they did!  I just love them. We are sharing…

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    Mixed Bag

    Hello! Thank you for stopping in and visiting this little section of the web today. I am glad you are here. I have a ginormous mixed bag to share with you all today. First of all guess who took the huge leap into a whole ‘nother social media platform? Now I am just wading into the water slowly… but if you find yourself over in Instagram world I am hanging out.   nicholehamblin_writer     Second, guess what season it is?!?! Yep pumpkin, glorious pumpkin season. Here in New Zealand pumpkins are in the stores year round, for reals! Autumn is in beautiful display here on the island, and the…

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    Back Cover Blurb

    Here is the back cover blurb for “Do You Know I Love You?”   Do you know you are loved? Engrained in our culture is the belief that you must follow the rules, be exceptionally good, be in control, please people. Wrong! Author Nichole wants to tell us why… Nichole was taken out of the game and put on the bench. Upon sitting she felt for the first time an aching void, deep in her soul. Her easily relatable and humbling narrative of this journey discusses: • Being vs Doing. • The one thing we were created for. • Living a life in peace and balance.   Wife to The Engineer,…

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    Fastest Loser

    Fastest loser. I cannot even wrap my head around that. Seriously. Is it a half compliment, or a partial reward, or an easy let down? I heard it last night while I was watching the sprint races for the Commonwealth Games. The event takes place every four years and is an international multi-sport event involving athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations. I had never heard of the Commonwealth Games until moving to New Zealand. Maybe because the US doesn’t participate, which has something to do with a war and independence and such. So last night as I watched some of the running races, I kept hearing the commentators announcing that…

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    You have to hear this

    Oh friends it is all I can do to even contain the huge grin and the joy radiating from me.  I am MORE than thrilled to share chapter content with you all. But you wanna know what makes the chapter content even better?? When a VERY SPECIAL and dear friend will read it for you. Can you do me a few favors? Watch this video. Share it with your friends and family. Receive a hug from me. May I introduce you (if you don’t already know her…and you should!) to Sabin Hogue.  

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    You Get to Choose

    Guess what I found in my inbox today? A sample of the typeset and format of “Do You Know I Love You?” It is really starting to look like a book. Think ultrasound picture of the baby before it’s almost ready to be born!!! We are so close family and friends. I am so grateful to you all for going on this journey with me. I can’t wait to hold the real book. But I am MOST looking forward to sharing it with you! Okay I have a fun little question and decision for you all today… What sneak peek would you like next?            …

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    Inside the book reveal #1

    I am beyond excited to get to share some of what’s on the inside of, “Do You Know I Love You?” There are four sections to the book; Sit, Stand, Walk and Run. These are milestones for a baby. First they learn to sit. Then they get comfortable with the stand. Before long they try out the walk. Then when that becomes easier they try a run. But maybe these four milestones apply to something more than just our physical development as humans. The four sections correlate to the different seasons of the journey that the book takes. There is importance in the order. Stay tuned for more inside the…