New Zealand

Some Things Just Ain’t Fair

Some things just ain’t fair.
Like when our friends and family in the US are almost done with school and we are in the middle of the term.
Oh and stop already with the beach pictures, the pool parties, and the shorts, and bbq’s.
We can’t see it over here.
It’s cold. And we are headed into winter.
And another thing that just ain’t fair…I invite The Engineer to do yoga class with me this morning and he pretty much does all the moves. Nails every pose. Even gets the instructors approval. Seriously disgusted I am.
So as I am whining about things not fair…I am going to share this totally Kiwi NZ advertising video that my oldest showed me this morning.
It’s a treat. Packed full of all things New Zealand.
See how many you can find!
Love you friends!

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