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    You get to choose!

    I’m thinking about these two words today: Fear and Faith.   And how really we choose between the two each and every day. One will keep us in captivity. While the other will set our hearts, mind and souls to soar and go after living the best life. The life our Creator intended us to live. Fear paralyzes us. It makes us shortsighted. Fear causes us to focus on self. (Ouch!) When we are captive by fear we are focused on the past not the future. Fear keeps us from launching out. Fear says: “Don’t make a scene!” “What will other people think of you?” “God is not interested in…

  • On Purpose Everyday


    In the crowded hall she reached for me. She pulled me in close. She hugged me. In that hug there was a transfer of years of wisdom, faithfulness, pure love, and grace. The words that left her lips that were only meant for my ears in the moment, have stuck with me; “You will be humbled.” Me and that word have never really got along. For me, humbled, means a giving up of my will. My feet have been back on US soil now for fifty days. My mind and heart are not fully here. There is a daily struggle to find the joy, the happy, the peace, the want…

  • On Purpose Everyday

    Love On Them

    Just trying to figure life out. While living it, yep that’s a hard one. Right? Like being the momma, who is menopausal, to two teen boys who are being doused with testosterone. Is this my life? I have come to learn a few things about myself this week. One is that I am ‘that person’ who is very curious about things. I am always asking questions. Wondering. Trying to sort some stuff out. And this can put me ‘out’ with others. This can cause others to question my foundation. This can rub up against the comfortable of others. Now hear my heart on this, I am not, NOT, intent on…

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