• Life in SoCal


    Welcome to the blog. I am glad you stopped in. Happy First Day of October! It’s beginning to look and feel Fall-ish here in SoCal. Trees are starting their color changes and our late evenings and early mornings have much cooler air. This past weekend was a 2 napper. Meaning I took a nap on Saturday and on Sunday. I call it ‘survival’ living in a household of all boys. No, really, to stay sane it’s one of my coping mechanisms. And the true joy of it is that The Engineer totally gets it and me and so he happily accommodates for naps! So I am aware that there are…

  • On Purpose Everyday

    High schooler in the house

    Dear T, I had you in the front pack. I worked my way through the aisles of the store and hurried to the checkout line. You were starting to fuss. You were most likely starving, it had been a good 42 minutes since I had fed you last. I was loading the groceries up on the conveyer belt as fast as I could as I bounced and swayed you. The sweet old lady standing behind me ready to load her pint of milk, bread, butter and a bananas. She says, ‘it will go by so fast.’ No offense but maybe she couldn’t see me. Maybe the old age had clouded…

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