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The Real Issue

I am an American born and bred girlie. I grew up in a home with guns. My daddy used them for target practice, a sporting event. He kept them locked up in a gun cabinet. I am married to The Engineer and he also grew up with guns in the home. His dad used them to hunt. Those guns were also locked up in a cabinet.
Our family currently is living on an island where there are little to no guns. The police do not even carry them.
My heart is breaking, from my perspective we are bickering about something that truly needs more action and less talk and arguing. Human lives are at stake.

What is the breakdown?

What is the cause of violence?

What is the fix?

Can anything really be controlled when it comes to humans?

There is not a simple fix to a problem that is multiple layers deep.

This isn’t just about guns. Or even about kids without parents.

It’s about human hearts.

Hearts that need healing.

Mental health isn’t just a card to play, it’s a real issue.


Dear God, I know Your heart is breaking. You did not create this beautiful world and Your people in Your image to live like this. Please forgive us. Forgive us for not allowing You to love us. Please forgive us for not living completely in Your grace. For when we allow You to lavish us with Your great and amazing love, we are full of joy and peace. When we are full with You we are healthy. When You heal us and restore us to our original design we can live contented. Knowing who we are in You, why we are here and how to love those around us. God please don’t lose patience with us. We need You, Amen

Everything was created through him;
nothing—not one thing!—
came into being without him.
What came into existence was Life,
and the Life was Light to live by.
The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness;
the darkness couldn’t put it out. John 1:3-5 The Message

May we be the light that punches holes in the darkness.

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