New Zealand

Vacation Debrief

Team Hamblin spent last week on vacation in Wellington, New Zealand. The capital city of this beautiful country.
We arrive at the airport in Hamilton to jump on a little plane for a one hour flight.
My first mistake was thinking it would be a fun idea to jump on the luggage scale. Really? What in the heck was I thinking? Vacations and scales? The number displayed in kg’s and so guess what my second mistake was… converting that number on my little converter app. I should have just stayed with the ‘smaller’ of the two numbers. Who in their right mind jumps on a scale the first day of vacation?
People there was no security at the airport. (I am thinking New Zealand probably won’t want me sharing this) But seriously…we didn’t strip down to bare feet, our bags didn’t go through any x-ray machines!! No one checked my ID. We just scanned our boarding passes and walked down the gangway and across the tarmac and found our seats.
I think Wellington is a smaller version of San Francisco. It has hills, cable car, water front, yummy restaurants, and lots of people. Okay let’s keep this in perspective, a lot of people for New Zealand!

We packed in a lot of walking around the city. We ate yummy food. We toured the Parliament building, visited the National Museum, walked from Oriental Bay

Team Hamblin made it to the top of Mt. Victoria

which is down on the waterfront all the way


to the tip top of Mt. Victoria. It was a hike! We took a ferry from the North Island down to the South Island. We watched a rugby game.
We really did have a fun time, and got tons of walking in. Our legs were really tired each night.





But by day five, Team Hamblin was on each other’s nerves. We had spent a lot of hours together.
Things we started to notice that were causing irritation:
The hotel room was small.
There were two double beds and we were sharing them.
The thermostat was stuck and the room was too hot.
Three boys can cause the hotel room to smell. (I won’t elaborate)
My hair on the bathroom floor was stressing out the other ¾ of the Team.
Our sore legs.
Some members snoring.
Restaurants not being open after we hiked to get there.
Cigarette smoke.
Public toilets.
Teenage testosterone times 2.
Some members talking in their sleep.
One toilet in the hotel room.
Hotel beds and pillows that are not like ours at home.
We all started to tune into each other’s little quirks…what else do you do after spending 24/7 together for five days?!

It was unanimous that Team Hamblin will not be shifting to a tiny house model anytime soon.
We love each other. But we don’t always like each other and we can irritate and get on each other’s nerves. We are a real family!
So there is a little peek into vacationing with the Team Hamblin.
Next vacation might be a day or two shorter and will include a rental house for more than one bathroom!
Oh and what did I end the vacation with…yep…jumping back on the luggage scale…surely all that walking/hiking around Wellington burned off some kg’s. NOPE! I might have remained very silent on the car trip from the airport back to our homestead!

When we arrived home there was no food in the house.  This was dinner:

And this is what I have spent the past two days tackling:

Maybe a vacation with less clothing is something to look into!

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