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Well Done

What will you be remembered for? What have you done to impact the world around you? Are you living your life on purpose?

I think at the core of each one of us, we want to live a good life. One that matters. One that makes a difference.

This earth lost an amazing man. But I know all of heaven is throwing a huge welcome home party!

Billy Graham.

A voice of encouragement. A man on a mission. A life lived on purpose. A legacy left.


Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC**


My one purpose in life is to help people find a personal relationship with God, which I believe comes from knowing Christ.”—Billy Graham




Finding your sweet spot and living it there.

A wife. A momma. An Engineer. An Olympic athlete. A writer. A neighbor. A teacher. A singer. An electrician. A chef. A photographer. A CEO. A lead guitarist for a band. Architect. Swim coach. Librarian. Barber.

Doing what you do to bring glory and honor to your Creator.

To travel this temporary life on earth, to reach the end of the path to hear;

I’m gonna run this race
To hear You say well done” –Well Done Moriah Peters

May we follow the One who Billy Graham always pointed to.

On Purpose


**Photo credit Don and Harriett Hamblin

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