On Purpose Everyday

What do you expect?

Happy Day!  Do you feel a little let down by the lack luster of the Super Bowl yesterday?

Is it just me or was that not the most low energy football game?

However, yesterday was glorious, we shared it with great friends, yummy food and relaxation.  There were some creative and funny commercials, but I just didn’t see much football.

Maybe it’s my fault.  Maybe my expectations were too high.

Has that ever happened to you?

You set your expectations so high that they can’t really be met.

Maybe you expect your family to support your creative journey and they don’t.

You expect your spouse to show up in ways for you that they don’t even know how to do.

Maybe you expect your kids to go to college and they have another life dream.

You expect your boss to congratulate you on a job well done, but they don’t even notice you.

Maybe you expect a friend to show up for you and they don’t.

Can you see the common denominator? 

Placing our expectations in another.

Our expectations are just that, ‘ours’. 

We can’t put them on another.

Does that make sense?

This week as we go throughout our days may we be aware of our expectations.

What are we expecting?

Who are we asking to meet our expectations?

As humans we will fail, we will let each other down.

Some of the best advice The Engineer and I have ever received;

Have low expectations.

May we not require too much of ourselves or each other.

May we live in gratitude, humility, peace and love.


  • Debbie

    Oh so true. The expectations I put on myself to reach goals can be daunting for both myself and others. As I reach my 60th birthday this year I’m feeling the clock ticking away. I’m evaluating what is important and a plan to get it accomplished. Thank you for reminding me that God is in the plan and His guidance will show what is best and what to drop. No matter if the journey is hard or easy, trying or fun I must keep my eye on the real goal of following God’s lead. Then I will know I will have rest along the way.

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