On Purpose Everyday

When Your Yes Looks Different

Emotions can be triggered so easily.
We can be sitting in a room full of people listening to a presentation.
A call to action.
Asked to join the movement.
Invited to be a part of making a difference in our world.
All of it being purposeful, right and good.
But there needs to be a pause.
A time to discern.
Is this for me?
Is this the thing that I am to be a part of?
Is this what I am to allocate my time to?
Does this fit into the will, plan, and purpose for my life?
Pause, take the time to ask the questions, to reflect, to listen.
Go forward in confidence knowing your yes is on purpose.
But also be okay if you have said yes to another purposeful movement, cause, or good thing.
Your yes can be different.
Because maybe you are in your lane, doing your thing on purpose, and you are moving in the same direction.
Because our purpose is to know we are loved and to live like it.
Love those around us.
Your family, neighbor, your community, your world.
Don’t let another’s yes distract you from your purpose.
We all have a sweet spot. And when we are in it our lives are lived in joy, peace and balance.
May we embrace that our yes looks different.

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