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Where in the World is Team Hamblin?

Have you ever felt like your life is a whirlwind of craziness and that taking a breath is something you have to consciously remind yourself to do?
It came to be that our time here in New Zealand had to come to an end for now. We were not ready and were expecting to stay for longer. But again we were reminded we are not in control of how our story reads. It was with reluctance that we packed up, sold stuff and booked tickets back to the US. Our hearts and emotions are all over the place. We look forward to hugging our US family and friends but I cannot put to words the hugeness of how the people here on the island have loved us, embraced us, welcomed us and shown us true relationship.


Team Hamblin is better for this adventure. We are stronger, filled up and more cultured. We will bring back some Kiwi words, recipes, and fondness for a peaceful more laid back lifestyle. Be ready US!
In the midst of all of this change going on, my first book baby was born. How special it was born here on the island. In this beautiful place. A place I will always remember and long to come back to.
This past Thursday night we celebrated the book with a launch. I am so grateful to Paper Plus in Cambridge, the village of women who made the food and brought the drinks, and to everyone who came to celebrate. I am in awe of how the NZ people love without end.


Thank you New Zealand for loving on Team Hamblin for the past 18 months. You have imprinted yourselves onto our hearts.
We love you New Zealand!
On Purpose,


  • jo henson

    We are all better for the experience, of loving on some awesome Americans . You are etched on our hearts always. It was sooo tough saying good bye and letting you go; but we are the richer for knowing you and loving you. It has been a pleasure, an absolute pleasure having you in our lives. We wish Team Hamblin all the best always. Catch ya (and you know we will!) x

  • jo henson

    Opps ps: we watched you do all the ‘crazy’ stuff at the end, pack up, sell up, launch a book, have farewells, continue with PTA, raise your family, support your church….. ahhhhhhh did you say CRAZY? You do crazy well – is the topic of the next book? (+ add a few chapters on what the villages gals suggested!) x

  • Mandy

    Team Hamblin you were very easy to love!! You have left your mark on us on the island and will always be in our hearts. xxx The Stichbury’s

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